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Tanner Combias

Vice President, Acquisitions & Asset Management

Tanner joined Dreamscape in the summer of 2022. He is responsible for both acquisition and asset management within the hospitality and gaming division at Dreamscape.

After graduating from college, Tanner spent five years working in the New York Deals team at PricewaterhouseCoopers. During this time, he specialized in valuation, working on dozens of deals across a variety of sectors. He also spent time in complex accounting advisory and pre-deal operational due diligence. After his time at PricewaterhouseCoopers, he spent a year playing competitive tennis down in Florida and then a year backpacking around the world. He returned to the States and, prior to joining Dreamscape, Tanner worked in wealth advisory and created a start-up centered around low-code mobile web applications focused on enhancing the guest and tenant experience at hotels and apartment communities.

Tanner is New Jersey born and raised and currently resides in New York City. He enjoys visiting his family in the burbs, playing tennis in Central Park, and creating ceramics on the wheel in the West Village.

Tanner earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Masters of Accountancy from Wake Forest University and holds a CPA license in the State of New York.

At Dreamscape, we are stewards of both creativity and capital. Our goal is to (re)develop residential, retail, hospitality, entertainment and gaming properties into unique and dynamic environments that command attention and maximize value for our investors.

Dreamscape's mission is to generate long-term financial prosperity through a diversified portfolio of differentiated, forward-thinking real estate projects.

Our focus is on creating multi-faceted and dynamic residential, retail, hospitality, entertainment and gaming experiences.

Led by Chairman Eric Birnbaum, Dreamscape’s team has forged deep connections within the commercial real estate industry nationwide. With trust established and a proven vision, Dreamscape has access to proprietary, off-market deals and is able to transact with speed, skill and integrity. We strive to efficiently acquire properties and then (re)develop them into fully realized and uniquely vibrant destinations. In doing so, we aim to promote and celebrate contemporary cultural values while fostering lasting financial success.

Dreamscape’s team also has a strong and unique network of creative collaborators within the music, fashion, food and beverage and design worlds, having worked with top talents across varied industries – including music and fashion powerhouse Pharrell Williams, renowned interior designer Ken Fulk, award-winning architect Morris Adjmi, nightlife and F&B impresario David Grutman at Groot Hospitality, Jeff Zalaznick at Major Food Group, and many others. We aim to cultivate new and unexpected relationships on an ongoing basis so that each of our properties deliver a unique, innovative and memorable imprint.

For Dreamscape, real estate is a source of both value and diverse cultural engagement. By galvanizing bespoke and specialized experiences, we strive to nurture distinctive, lively and worldly communities.

Dreamscape is headquartered in New York City. Additionally, we have on-ground staffing in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami.

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Led by Founder and CEO Eric Birnbaum, Dreamscape’s talented team of real estate professionals has collectively deployed in excess of $35 billion in capital across residential, retail, hospitality, entertainment and gaming experiences with decades of experience in these verticals. Eric and his team have worked on a diverse portfolio of significant properties, including critically acclaimed endeavors such as Henry Hall in New York's Hudson Yards, The Pod Hotel in New York’s Times Square, The Goodtime Hotel in South Beach, Miami, The Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and 5420 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

“Dreamscape focuses on well-located real estate and seeks to create lasting and one-of-a-kind experiences that are targeted to generate outsized returns.”

Dreamscape is headquartered in New York City.

Additionally, we have offices in Las Vegas, Tampa, Miami and Dallas.

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